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Tatiana Borisovna Yumasheva (aka Dyachenko) has been the politically active of the late President Boris Yeltsin’s two daughters. After shunning publication for years, preserving her privacy, her residence abroad, and her domestic political interests, Yumasheva began publishing a blog on December 3. New essays or comments appear every one or two days – altogether, 38 to date. Over the course of these despatches, Yumasheva explains her publishing intentions at length, but without precision. This has led to speculation that she is launching a public political career for herself. Since she talks about whether Russia is ready to vote for a woman as president, her target may be her father’s old post. For the time being, though, Yumasheva’s basic theme is to present herself as the political heir to Yeltsin’s reputation and votes. Critics of the two of them claim they are electoral liabilities now. But the Levada polling organization says it has never measured public opinion towards Yumasheva; the blog may be the first step towards building a poll rating. If not that, there is the possibility that Yumasheva is bringing Yeltsin back from the dead as the stalking-horse for someone very much alive. Who that might be isn’t clear, yet. But it isn’t likely to be President Dmitry Medvedev, and it is certainly not Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. For they are not only alive; they are making their pact with the Russian electorate without needing Yeltsin at all. Here are some excerpts from Yumasheva.

Almost every day I meet my mother. I spend a lot of time with her, it is important for her and for me. I play sports and practice yoga …

… my dad never cursed. Although for many years he was a builder, and at a construction site nothing is built without foul words. But he was a unique man, and somehow he would build without it. And when he became president he never used this vocabulary in conversation either. So, this is our family trait.

Asuta75 asks, what qualities decorate a woman, but are a burden for a woman-politician. Softness, kindness, gentleness decorate a woman. Needless to say, that each of these qualities is useless in politics and harms politics. What did I need when I was working in the Kremlin, what qualities? Rigidity, intelligence, common sense, self-discipline (you should not to be late for meetings, appointments, and I was not too much punctual), absence of external emotions (these are hard to cope with, and sometimes I wanted to cry, sometimes I wanted to say everything I thought, but I had to take it).

Will there ever be a woman president in Russia? In my opinion, this will be impossible in the next fifty years or so. Mentality of our people will never allow a woman to win the election. However, it may be for the better. In order to produce a Thatcher, we first should study parliamentarism for five hundred years. Look at our women deputies. Beautiful, nice and active. But would you entrust them the country? Not me. So for the country to produce a woman president, all of us need to have lots of practice.

So, if you want to lose weight, you need to observe several conditions for a successful result. For the inevitable result, I would say. First. There should be a group of people losing weight. Friends, buddies, work acquaintances, relatives, no matter, as long as you’re not doing this alone. In our life it is certainly easy to find such a group.
The next condition, the most important one, the key one. This is punishment. The punishment should be terrible. In fact, this is the essence of my method. If you do not lose weight till a certain term, then you should… And then you give freedom to your fantasy. I’ll tell you about myself as an example.
When I worked in the Kremlin, I was such a plump. Sometimes you can see my photos of that period, it is clear that I cannot stand them. I am ashamed to admit this now, but I weighed about ten kilos more than I weigh now.

Berezovsky did not even try to convince me that we should choose Putin. Moreover, he in his support of Putin always doubted that it is the right idea. Putin’s work at the KGB troubled him. With sadness he would say that former KGB members don’t exist. In fact, the demonic image of Berezovsky, drawn by the media, and only then by social consciousness, has little truth about it. On the one hand, Boris Abramovich himself tried to highlight his role in the adoption of various decisions. On the other hand, the media inadvertently played along with him, telling about his terrible impact on the Kremlin.

In this regard, I remembered a similar story. Long ago, when I only became friends with Roman Abramovich, he told me a funny story from his army past. After two years of service, he had to get back to civil life. But in the army there is such a thing as “demobilization chord”. This is when a soldier leaving the army has to do something useful for his unit. And until you finish this work, you cannot leave. The idea is clear, the man dreams of going home, and with all his might he is trying to do everything faster. I asked my husband, who had also served, whether he had something like that. And although he had served ten years earlier and thousands of kilometers away from the place where Roman served , he also had his demobilization chord. Before leaving, he had to start the new communications equipment (he served as a signalman). And Roman’s demobilization chord was quite difficult. He with a group of comrades, also finishing service, was ordered to cut a clearing in the forest for a future road. This work would take up several months. And they wanted to go home. A question to everyone, what would you do in his place?

That’s the story. The story how in the Soviet times Roman Abramovich was emerging as a businessman.

I wrote to a fellow blogger that I even regretted posting that short message about Roman. Amazing aggressiveness, anger, hatred. I only told the story that he told me. And by the way, I have no doubt that this is not fiction, but the truth. Imagine the Soviet times, a secret military unit. Everything around for tens of kilometers under barbed wire. When I took up space, I would visit such places. Nothing belongs to the locals around. Wood, water, mushrooms, berries – all controlled by the military. And here comes a nice young man in military uniform, and offers wood, for a small fee. Everyone is happy. As amoro1959 nicely put it, all the parties profited. The peasants got firewood, the officers got money, the military unit got the clearing, Abramovich got his demobilization.

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