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Moscow, 15 June 2010 – UC RUSAL (SEHK: 486, EuroNext: RUSAL/RUAL), the world’s largest aluminium producer, announces the visit of a UC RUSAL delegation headed by Oleg Deripaska, CEO of UC RUSAL, to Guinea. Within the framework of the visit the company and the government of the country reached several agreements.

During a two-day visit, the RUSAL delegation held discussions with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Guinea Jean-Marie Dore and attended a meeting with the Acting President Brigadier General Sekouba Konate. The parties determined the major areas of focus for long-term cooperation between UC RUSAL and the Republic of Guinea and reaffirmed their commitment to a strategic partnership.

The parties paid special attention to the importance of prolonging the current tax and customs regimes as regards the Friguia bauxite and alumina complex. They also reached agreement on the schedule and terms of development of the Dian Dian bauxite deposit, the license for mining and exploration of which is held by RUSAL. RUSAL also conducted fruitful negotiations with Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinee (CBG) under the auspices of the Ministry of Mines and Geology which concluded with an agreement to establish a three-party commission that will determine the terms of the joint use of railways and port, as well as transport and materials handling equipment owned by CBG.

Commenting on the results of his visit to the Republic of Guinea, Oleg Deripaska, CEO of RUSAL said: “I am pleased that our negotiations were held in a friendly and constructive atmosphere, which enabled us to reach a number of specific decisions. Russia and Guinea have enjoyed 50 years of successful cooperation in the field of bauxite exploration and mining, and Guinean projects have strategic importance for RUSAL. Despite the unstable global economic situation and the fact that many aluminium companies around the globe were forced to adjust their production volumes, we have not decreased and do not plan to decrease bauxite and alumina production at our Guinean facilities. RUSAL has long-term projects in Guinea that will be fully completed notwithstanding the current situation on the global aluminium market. We hope that our international expertise, including the realisation of social programmes, will contribute to the development of the economy of the Republic of Guinea and to the increased prosperity of its citizens”.

Mahmoud Thiam, Guinea’s Minister of Mines, has issued the following statement: “The Rusal statement is all false. That’s what they were hoping to achieve. They tricked the President into signing a paper. The President fired his advisor responsible for the deed, and asked him to retrieve the document, which has no legal validity since according to our laws, the Minister of Mines is the only one legally empowered to sign such a paper.”

Russian KGB Disappearing Ink Pen

The very rare Russian KGB disappearing ink spy pen is now available for sale in the U.S.

You won’t find these sold anywhere else and if you do they bought them from us! The unique ink is based on a secret formula developed by KGB scientists during the Cold War period and has recently been adapted into a modern gel pen format. This is the genuine disappearing “spy ink” pen!

Don’t confuse it with the fabric marking pens (usually having purple ink and a felt-pen tip) or novelty pens that others sell as disappearing spy ink pens.

Despite its unique capabilities, this pen looks and writes exactly like a regular pen and writes in a standard color dark blue ink. Since it’s a gel pen, it writes smoothly with a continuous ink flow and has a long shelf life.

It has a popular 0.5mm point size. It requires almost no downward pressure to write on the paper, so it’s not necessary to leave indentations on the paper that could possibly be used to reconstruct what was written.

Once on paper the ink appears normal for about 15 minutes. Then it begins to slowly deconstruct. After about an hour it will have mostly disappeared, but will still be slightly visible. After about 20 – 30 hours it will have COMPLETELY VANISHED!*

Even an inspection under ultraviolet light will come up with nothing!

Now you can write confidential or sensitive notes on documents and be assured that they will be gone later. Great for those occasions that you want to say something – TEMPORARILY.

WARNING: Do not use on any legal document or financial instrument because it will disappear!

*Fade time and characteristics may vary depending on ambient environmental conditions. Different conditions may cause the ink to fade slightly slower or faster, but it will disappear completely. Made in Russia.

Note: Very limited supply. Once our initial inventory sells out, it’s uncertain if we can obtain anymore of these.
Weight: .25 lbs
L 8.0 in. x W 1.0 in. x H 1.0 in.

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