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By John Helmer in Moscow

Responding to a request from PolishedPrices.com for clarification of the June 20 election of a new Alrosa board of directors, without chief executive Sergei Vybornov, Alrosa spokesman, Yelena Nikiforova, has provided the following company statement. “The largest shareholder of the company in the name of the government of the Russian Federation does not consider necessary the presence of representatives of executive management as a part of the Supervisory Board of Alrosa… According to the government decision, the structure of boards of directors of state companies should include professional counselors, Alrosa says, and so representatives of the Russian Federation voted for inclusion in the structure of the Supervisory Board of the company of independent directors. The President of Alrosa [the chief executive] in any case participates in the Council work as the head of an executive office of the company. As to the election in the structure of the Supervisory Board of Alrosa vice-president Ivan Demyanov, this [was the] decision of the second-largest shareholder, the Government of the Republic of Sakha.”

Nikiforova also said that Vybornov is a member of the presidential delegation, led by President Dmitry Medvedev, which leaves Moscow today for a tour of Africa, with stops in Egypt, Nigeria, Namibia, and Angola.

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