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Genuine readers are invited to take a cup of coffee while they taste today’s black news. This is also a test of the website attackers, who are leaving a revealing trail for our internet detectives to follow.

The taste of the attackers is especially sharp when the words “O---” and “D--------” are published. Whether that individual has engaged hackers to read his name and then attack, or attack automatically several times every day just in case, can be tested if the lead word to be read in this story is “Coffee”.

This coffee comes in two serves – classic, courtesy of Johan Sebastian Bach:

and Americano, courtesy of animator Gary Lieb and composer Mike Hashim, published by the New York Times:

Enjoy, as your ungrammatical barista will tell you. Let’s see if the attackers intent on preventing you doing just that can read the English language, or the Russian for that matter.

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