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By John Helmer, Moscow

Canada has endorsed US trade warfare against China, Russia, the European Union states, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela,   but registers its dismay when the Trump Administration refuses to give Ottawa an indemnity pass so that it can benefit from the damage inflicted on the others.  

Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has accepted a “Diplomat of the Year Award” from Foreign Policy Magazine, a subsidiary of the Washington Post and the Jeffrey Bezos media conglomerate which is sworn to topple President Donald Trump. Freeland’s supporters in the Liberal Party claim she has been exceptionally effective lobbying for Canadian interests in the US. After her lobbying has failed, Freeland claims it is unfair, absurd and illegal for the White House to threaten Canada with penalty duties on steel, aluminium, and cars.

In all common sense what can Canadians expect from the Americans if this is how Canada’s leaders behave?

Listen to the discussion of the US Government’s attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and its implications in this interview with Michael Welch of the Global Research News Hour. Click to read and click to listen, starting at Minute 45.

Source: https://soundcloud.com/ Interview starts at Min. 45. Earlier, listen to Canadians, David Hughes, author of the May 2018 study, Canada’s Energy Outlook, for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives; and David Orchard, a Saskatchewan-based organic farmer, political activist and two-time contender for leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

In Canada, the Global Research News Hour is broadcast by radio stations in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick, including Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of Winnipeg, campus and community radio stations in Ontario, and the University of New Brunswick St Johns. In the US, the Global Research News Hour airs from Boston College, Massachusetts, and the Powerofvoices.com in Los Angeles.  For the broadcast archive, click.  

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