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By John Helmer, Moscow

On Tuesday December 6, Rex Tillerson, then chief executive of ExxonMobil oil company, met then President-elect Donald Trump in New York, and was offered the post of US Secretary of State. God was watching on high and acted faster than Tillerson could.

Tillerson told Trump in New York he needed time to think the offer over. The Financial Times picked up yesterday the story of what happened next, after God got to Tillerson’s home in Bartonville,  Texas (pictured below, left),  where Renda St. Clair Tillerson (right), the nominee’s wife,  was waiting.  The details were first revealed to an online publication in Alexandria, Virginia, which claims to have 35 million monthly readers, but is too well protected to have been misinformed, hacked or bribed by anyone acting for the benefit of the Kremlin.     


“I told you God’s not through with you,” Renda told Rex. “My wife convinced me. She was right. I’m supposed to do this,” Tillerson told the press.    

Michelangelo’s famous,  five-hundred year old snapshot (lead image) of what happens when God gives the Word and the Finger also rules out the possibility that the righteous can be motivated in any way by lustful feelings – for sex,  riches, blood, power, etc. Look again.

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