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By John Helmer, Moscow

There once was a genuine little prince whose story was a fable about the destruction of France and of civilization in Europe. Coming in April of this year, it will be eighty years since Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote Le Petit Prince in safe haven on Long Island, New York.  

The book was banned as long as the German occupation in France lasted.  Before that ended, Saint-Exupéry was shot down and killed, probably by Germans, in the Mediterranean,   off the coast of France.

This year Europe is occupied by a continuation of that war, only now it has become the war of the worlds – that’s the one against Russia and China — and New York is no longer a safe haven. Reporting, like books and podcasts, are banned there if they reveal the truth that the war in the Ukraine has been lost – and the war for Europe is going the same way.

In this podcast from Montreal, listen to Michael Werbowski, Matt Ehret and John Helmer reveal  the meaning of the news from Brazilia and Mexico City to Washington, and then on to Paris, Berlin and Moscow.

They wind up with a discussion of what the story of Little Prince Harry, the media blockbuster being promoted by print oligarch Penguin Random House, really means.

Click on the video discussion here.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/

For the audio, click on SoundCloud.

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PS: The genuine Little Prince, Le Petit Prince, written and illustrated in 1942-43 by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is a war story, and of how to think after your country has been defeated in war. It bears no resemblance to the propagandizing by Penguin Random House today. Defend against that, read books published by Amazon instead. And about Saint-Exupéry’s story, read this.  The lead image right is the original watercolour illustration by Saint-Exupéry which has been used as the cover of most of the 200 million copies sold to date of his book. In the lead image left, Saint-Exupéry drew a self-portrait of himself, hanged on planet Earth, while a couple watched from their embrace on a planet called Fox-MGM, the Hollywood film studio. For the interpretation of what Saint-Exupéry meant then, read this.  

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