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By John Helmer, Moscow

Sherlock Holmes pointed the way in The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet in 1892: “When you have eliminated the impossible,” he said, “whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

If you believe the evidence of the US Democratic Party, the Director of Central Intelligence,  the NATO Defense College, the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Hillary Clinton,  and several hundred of their state-paid hangers-on, it is impossible for there to be a surge of voters in any of our advanced democracies which cannot have been detected in advance by the election technologies in current use. That is, unless there had been massive cyber-penetration by the Russian secret services, under direct command of President Vladimir Putin, so that voters won’t or can’t reveal what they are thinking until they vote; and if that doesn’t produce wins for Kremlin-manipulated  candidates, to hack voting machines and turn out fabricated vote totals.

However improbable all this may seem to you, it stands to reason, Sherlockian reason, that the Russian explanation must be the truth. Putin’s advice early this month for Americans to “take a pill” must be further confirmation of improbability turned truth.   Also, there can be no exceptions. What must have been true for American voters last November must be just as true for British voters last Thursday.

The outcome of their votes is that the totally unforeseen has materialized.

For independent analysis of what the table means, read this.

Analysis of the only two precedents for such a large swing to Labour in the past century – the Clement Attlee swing in 1945, and the Tony Blair swing of 1997 – reveals Blair collected 40 seats in Scotland. By contrast, Attlee took just 3; Corbyn, 7.  Historically the Scots vote has almost never made the difference between Conservative Party and Labour Party control of the House of Commons. After last week’s poll, 66% of the Scots vote, and 83% of the Scots parliamentary seats are now divided between the Conservatives and the Scottish National Party.    This means there is almost no contribution at all from Scotland to Labour’s chance of forming a governing majority.

Source: https://wingsoverscotland.com/why-labour-doesnt-need-scotland/

But how is it possible for Corbyn to have achieved such a result from the electorate without help from the Russians?  American evidence and the Putin pill notwithstanding, not a single British publication, intelligence service, party politician, think-tank, or cyber security consultant has claimed that Corbyn’s unpredicted vote result was aided by the Russians.

Since the impossibility of Russian intervention has now been eliminated, this must mean that Corbyn won the vote on his own and on British terms, however improbable that may sound to you.

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