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By John Helmer, Moscow

William Browder has been a spokesman for making war on Russia for seventeen years, ever since he was evicted from the country for running investment frauds. The history of those frauds had run for an earlier decade.

Lucy Komisar is the US journalist and financial fraud analyst who has written the history of these frauds. Browder, she says, “is the world’s most brilliant conman, and he comes to it at a time when the con he is pushing is desired by people in power. “

“I first ran into him two decades ago,” Komisar explains. “In 2000 I got a U.S. National Research Council grant to study money laundering in Russia. I found it! The crook I discovered was William Browder, an American investor who had just changed his passport to the UK to avoid taxes on his profits.”

On the eve of Browder’s keynote speech to a convention of chartered financial analysts in Toronto, Matt Ehret interviews Komisar for a discussion of the Browder case.

Left: the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Society of Toronto held its 65th Annual Investment Dinner on November 7. The keynote speaker was Browder. “Who should attend,” the CFA advertised his appearance: “portfolio managers, investment analysts, corporate finance executives, and other investment professionals.”  The Royal Bank of Canada was the “platinum event sponsor”.  According to the CFA, its  “Toronto Members are required to submit an annual statement to the effect that they have adhered to the principles embodied in CFA Institute's Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.”  Right:  Lucy Komisar explains what these principles mean in interview with Matt Ehret in this YouTube broadcast.     

Open the audio link and listen to the discussion

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