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By John Helmer, Moscow

Swiss neutrality has as many holes in it as Swiss cheese. No holes in the Bear’s neutrality. From the beginning to the end,   this website has not mentioned the words Donald Trump, not even once.

What was news we did report before anyone else – and that was the criminal receipt by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton of more than $13 million in funds stolen from a Russian insurance company by the Ukrainian oligarch, Victor Pinchuk. Here is where that story began on February 17, 2014.


That was just four days before the putsch in Kiev started the US war against Russia on the Ukraine front.

Since then, the special relationship between Pinchuk, the stolen money, and Hillary Clinton can be followed in the release of emails Clinton sent or received. Click to open the full State Department dossier. As of November 4, 2016, there are 47 messages referring to Pinchuk.


Reporters from the Wall Street  Journal and the New York Times refused to investigate Pinchuk’s theft of more than $100 million from the Rossiya Insurance Company in Moscow. At the time, incidentally, so did the research director of the Republication National Committee.

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