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Hong Kong
May 17, 2013: 0850

Dear Mr. Helmer:

I have no wish to comment on whatever article you wished to write, but since you have put it to me and I have to disagree with you in many of the statements made, in particular:

1. You mentioned about the controversy concerning my remarks on judges. It is not possible for you to do justice to what I said without understanding the complicated constitutional issues in Hong Kong. It is even more difficult to do so in a few lines in a report totally unconnected with it. I send herewith my submission to Legislative Council for your reference. If you are really interested in what I said, you should read it before coming to any conclusion. In brief, it was an academic exercise and was overly exaggerated by some politicians.
The remark that I am a stooge of the central government is denied.

2. The fact that I am not nominated for re-election is because I was re-elected for another term of 3 years in the last AGM and is not due to retire until 2015.

3. The 5th paragraph is an innuendo that I did only what the chief executive told me or that I fail to consult the minority shareholders is totally unfounded. Matters are decided in Audit Committee and the Board Meetings and Independent directors act not in the interest of a particular shareholder but in the interest of the company and to see to it that minority interests are protected. The fact that certain shareholder dislikes the decisions in such meetings (which are made by majority decision) is no ground for accusation against the INED or INEDs. If such suggestion is put forward, I shall not hesitate to take legal action for defamation.

4. Using the remuneration point to justify an attack that I am not independent is heinous as all directors and Independent Non-Executive Directors are paid remuneration.

5. Regarding the litigation amongst the shareholders, I do not wish to comment on it because the matter is subjudice. As to the Annual Report, it was approved by majority of the directors in the BoD meeting before publication.

6. As to the proposed resolution for my removal and the resolution for a vote of confidence in me, the thing speaks for itself and you should wait for the outcome of the voting..

Elsie Leung

May 17, 2013: 0901

Dear Mr. Helmer,
I forgot to mention, the photograph you use for the article has been tempered. The monkeys do not appear in the backdrop when I did the interview. You could use a caricature but not a forged photograph.

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