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My beloved Russian died on December 9. When he needed breath and his heart was failing, there were five who prevented me from reaching him. I grieve for him. For them, another reckoning.

If you will take to the mountain road, it is possible to breathe and sing this song.

Look at the flags waving. The white stripe on the Russian flag, put there by Boris Yeltsin, isn’t a signal for surrender.

Мельница – Господин Горных Дорог

Я ухожу вослед не знавшим, что значит слово “страх”.
О, не с тобой ли все пропавшие, погибшие в горах,
Что обрели покой там, где пляшут ветры под твоей рукой
на грани ясного утра?

Господином Горных Дорог назову тебя, облака
Кружат стаей перед грозой.
Наша кровь уходит в песок, позабудь ее, и она
Прорастет тугою лозой.

Я хотела остаться с тобой,
Я уже успела посметь.
Пахнет снегом прозрачная боль –
То ли даль, то ли высь, то ли смерть…

Пусть укроет цепи следов моих иней,
Чтоб никто найти их не мог.
Кто теперь прочтет подо льдом твое имя,
Господина Горных Дорог?..

Melnitsa — The Master of the Mountain Roads

I’m setting off after those who never knew the word fear.
O, aren’t those missing, the lost ones in the mountains together with you?
Those who have found peace because there the winds dance under your hand,
On the edge of the clear morning?

I’ll call you the Master of the mountain roads.
A flock of clouds is circling before the storm.
Our blood is dripping into the sand. Forget it,
And it will give sprout to the hardy vine.

I wanted to stay with you,
I’ve already managed to dare.
Do you know that when you can see through pain
It smells of snow?
Is it because of the long distance, the height?
Does death smell so?

Let the frost cover the chains of my tracks
So that noone can find them.
Who now can read your name under the ice,
O, my Master of the mountain roads?

С Новым Годом!

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