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By John Helmer, Moscow

Australians aren’t the only democrats and allies of the US in the war of the worlds – that’s the one against Russia and China.

Australian voters aren’t the only ones revealing they want to vote against the political choices they are offered at election time.

But Australian voters are the only ones in the world defying the law which makes voting compulsory in their federal and state elections – elections for government officials (lead images, left Dominic Perrottet, right Gladys Berejiklian, premiers of New South Wales) who were the only ones in the world to operate a scheme of keeping their citizens out of the country during two years of Covid-19 emergency powers – a scheme of forcing those allowed to enter to  pay for their detention which the officials acknowledged between themselves to be illegal. So they kept it secret from parliament, the press, and the courts.

This use of force, fraud and propaganda is a case study of what is happening throughout the world of the democratic allies, the world the allied governments call the “rules-based international order”.   When force, fraud and propaganda make the rules like this,  the order which results is fascism.

Listen to the discussion on TNT Radio.

Mike Ryan opens the questioning, starting at the 17-minute mark:  

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