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By John Helmer, Moscow

The Montreal Express is the one Canadian export to the United States which Americans are afraid of.

It’s the sub-zero cold wind which can stop cars, twist railroad tracks, cut power lines, cut off fingers and toes with frostbite and kill with hypothermia. On the calendar it starts to blow about now and keeps threatening until March.

Call it Canada’s General Winter fighting a rearguard action in the war for Canadian independence which has already been lost.

Matt Ehret, one of Montreal’s leading geopolitical analysts, casts a cold eye on the warfighting in which Canada and the US are engaged with the NATO allies. This is now the war against Russia in Europe, and also against China in Asia. Listen to this world view blowing out of Montreal, and watch as Michael Werbowski hosts the discussion.

Winter Storm Warning (WSW): with the traditional Montreal Express come deep accumulations of snow. This podcast will help you stop the snow job.

Watch the discussion on Bitchute.

Listen to the Soundcloud broadcast.

Matt Ehret’s podcast archive is at The Canadian Patriot.  

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