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By John Helmer, Moscow

According to the announcement from Wikileaks, and confirmed by the US State Department, next week there will be the public disclosure of approximately 2.8 million classified US cables and internal government reports identifying foreign government corruption and other criminality; and also what US-allied governments, such as the UK, Canada, Norway, and Australia, are doing to conceal it. The New York Times and the Guardian of London are preparing the materials for publication.

These ordinary Russians have already started betting on the names. Note the small betting table. That is because ordinary Russians know the only way to bet sensibly on the leaks is on what names are missing from the disclosures. The Russian man in the street, like this lot, knows there are very few of them.


This group of high-roller Russians are smiling because they are betting, not on who is named in the American documents as corrupt – they already know those names. But they are wagering on how much money the officials have stolen, or taken in bribes, according to the American documents.

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