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Cutting-edge recognition machines – supplied by the Russian state corporation, Nanotechnologies, courtesy of chief executive Anatoly Chubais – report that one of the largest groups of readers of this site uses the Rusal company server to gain access and read the reports. If to these are counted Rusal’s civil litigation lawyer Bryan Cave and Rusal’s London libel lawfirm Schillings – the number of people charging Oleg Deripaska and his corporation for reading the materials is currently running into several hundreds each week, and costing many thousands of dollars and pounds per chargeable hour. The Dancing Bear welcomes this display of interest, and congratulates Rusal on its newfound capacity to pay its bills. Evasion of the toll is no laughing matter. Please note that an actor has been employed in this surveillance clip, and the number-plate has been masked, to protect the real driver and car-owner. The real number is y115AM (190).


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