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By John Helmer, Moscow 

Faster than a speeding bullet — more powerful than a locomotive — able to leap tall lies at a single bound.

More farsighted than Clark Kent (alias Superman), greener than Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), more tenacious than Peter Parker (Spiderman), as sworn to vengeance against lawlessness as Bruce Wayne (Batman).

That’s the first true to life comic book coated in LAUGHTER, the only antidote that’s certain to neutralize Novichok if it gets into your underpants or a BUK rocket if it’s fired at your airplane.

Laughing at villainy nearly got me killed when a Russian oligarch sent a 3-man assassination team to my Moscow door. The oligarch was angry at being caricatured in Dances with Bears; he was letting me know that the website is the best for truth on Russian business over the past thirty years.

Now for the first time the best and most hilarious cartoons and plots have been assembled in a single comic book, starting with the superhero’s death-defying childhood and ending with his banishment to the end of the earth. These are the pictures which have infuriated in equal measure oligarchs, MI6 agents, the current CIA director, Alexei Navalny’s gang, the Galicians who run Canada, the Dutchmen putting on the MH17 show trial, and the pack of state-bribed journalists in London, New York and Washington.  

Medical warning: if you have an allergy to the truth, the joke being played in this comic book could cause shortness of breath, choking, brain bleeding, paralysis. That’s because this book is the truth.

“I actually liked John quite a lot,” said  Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone. “But — and I mean this in the most complimentary possible way, if he happens to be reading this — I can certainly see wanting to kill him.”

Click here to browse and buy the book in full-colour paperback and E-book.

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