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By John Helmer, Moscow

Ask yourself — in what country of the so-called international rules-based order,  would the rules allow the head of state and the head of government to act together in secret to violate the state’s constitution, creating a secret junta unaccountable to parliament, the press, or the courts? And then after one secret has slipped out, one junta replaced by another junta, a new government chief has committed himself to continuing the same rule by force, fraud and propaganda – an  official whose name in Italian means sneak thief?

For answers, listen to the TNT Radio discussion of the rules-based order in Australia of head of state Army General (retired) David Hurley, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and the election test coming up for the Nazi uniform-wearing state politician, Dominic Perrottet. Also of the collabos in this regime – Crikey, The Saturday Paper, Sydney Morning Herald, and the Murdoch media. And not forgetting Penguin Random House, the publisher which a US federal court recently ruled is too big to be safe under US law for American readers – the publisher which is filling every bookshop window in Australia with Prince Harry, grandson of the monarch who appointed Hurley and who approved every unconstitutional secret he signed.

The discussion starts here at Minute 17:20.

Left to right: Mike Ryan; Governor-General Hurley; Prime Minister Albanese pronouncing his name in Italian;  and US Federal Court Judge  Florance Pan who declared illegal Penguin Random House’s attempt at taking anti-competitive control of the US book business.

For reference: in Spanish junta means a committee or council appointing itself to rule a state or territory;   in Italian, Albanese means, literally, Albanian, and in common usage, thief.  


Latest opinion polling for the New South Wales parliament election, due on March 25, shows that these Sydney electorates are now tipping against the incumbents and may therefore decide the outcome of the election.  Voters in these seats were already voting between one in five and one in six against all candidates in the 2019 election; this combines the refusal to turn out to vote (despite the compulsory voting law) and the informal ballots. If turnout falls further, and if more voters cast blank or obscenity ballot papers, the result may cost the Labour Party deputy leader, Prudence Carr, her seat in Londonderry; the brand-new Liberal Party candidate running in Parramatta; and a majority of seats in the Legislative Assembly for either Dominic Perrottet’s Liberal Party coalition or Chris Minns’s Labour Party. Source: https://pastvtr.elections.nsw.gov.au/
 No Australian pollster or local media reporter has noticed the rise to power of the vote-against-al party.    

These are the papers Governor-General Hurley signed in secret allowing Prime Minister Scott Morrison to rule by fuhrerprinzip.  

This is Section 64 of the Australian Constitution which Hurley violated when he signed the papers.   An investigation of the Hurley-Morrison scheme, commissioned by Albanese from a retired judge named Virginia Bell, concluded last November that “the power to appoint a person to be a member of the Federal Executive Council under section 62, to administer a department of State under section 64, and the power to direct a Minister of State to hold a particular office under section 65, is vested in the Governor-General alone.” This misreads the Constitution —  and the resulting Bell report is the whitewash Albanese ordered. For the time being, he has also ignored the Bell report recommendation for more transparency in the press and accountability to parliament. Here is the Bell report.  

Follow Hurley’s rise to general rank without command in combat under hostile fire.


Read more on the Australian Army Advocate-General’s report on Australian war crimes in Afghanistan.   

Click to open the career record of Emily Barrett, managing editor of The Saturday Paper, who is covering up for Perrottet and Albanese.   

And from the guardians of law, here is the ruling by Australian Federal Court Justice Richard White declaring National Cabinet secrecy illegal;    and the ruling by US Federal Court Judge Florance Pan declaring the takeover of Simon & Schuster by Penguin Random House illegal.

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