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The Nile crocodile and some species of hedgehog and tortoise take a break and sleep through the peak of the summer season. It’s usually called aestivation, and this bear is taking a leaf out of the other animals’ book.

Sometimes the biological clock stops, and a few of our animal friends don’t come back from August. If you drink this, you’ll be on the safe side:


2 cups lemon gelato softened
1 tablespoon vodka
1 tablespoon limoncello liqueur
1/3 cup of chilled Prosecco
A pinch of grated bergamot skin (lemon will do)
Mint leaf (optional)

Shake gelato, limoncello, and vodka in a shaker.
Add Prosecco and whisk for at least 60 seconds.
Pour into chilled flutes, sprinkling bergamot on top
(if lemon grating, add mint leaf).

No extra cocktails for guessing which bears won’t make it — and who will replace them (Alexei Kudrin for Dmitry Medvedev, for instance).

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