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by John Helmer, Moscow 

Right now the Russian Electric War campaign in the Ukraine is targeting the last operating power generation plants and the transmission lines from the European Union replacing electricity which the Ukrainians can no longer generate for themselves. Microwave and mobile  telephone towers are being struck so that the country’s cell network is collapsing in parallel with the electricity network.

“This is Russian deep battle”, a US military source comments, “being fought in fact by the General Staff while its operations continue to be restricted in Moscow for political reasons. Soon the impact will be impossible to cover up. For now, we know how bad it’s getting by the lack of discussion about how bad it’s getting.”

Gorilla Radio has been analyzing the war’s outcome since the beginning.

In a new 60-minute interview on Gorilla Radio, recorded on June 5 (Pacific Daylight Time), June 6  Moscow time, Chris Cook leads the discussion of what happens next on the losing side.  Click to listen.   

Source: https://gradio.substack.com/

For the introduction to this broadcast, access to the 20-year Gorilla Radio archive, and Chris Cook’s blog, click here  and here.  

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