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By John Helmer, Moscow

Yury Borisovich Rogov was such a long, close and faithful friend of Oleg Deripaska’s that he was invited to stand on Deripaska’s right at his wedding in 2001. To the left of Deripaska’s wife, Polina Yumasheva, are her parents, Valentin Yumashev and Tatiana Dyachenko — the former aide to ex-President Boris Yeltsin and Yeltsin’s second daughter. Rogov was also identified last year as a documentary witness with crucial evidence about Deripaska’s business dealings, assets, borrowings, and partnership with Michael Cherney (Chernoy). According to a UK High Court submission by Cherney’s lawyers, presented on July 9, 2012, “these documents will repay careful study, and will undoubtedly be the subject of significant focus at trial. Taken together, they constitute a substantial body of evidence in support of Mr Cherney‘s case, confirming that Radom held a number of entities which owned aluminium assets, including Sibal when that was incorporated in July 1999, and that Mr Cherney was in partnership with Mr Deripaska.” Rogov’s involvement is identified in footnote 386.

Two months later Deripaska settled with Cherney out of court. Three months later, Rogov was dead, and not of natural causes. Since he had unexpectedly failed to appear at Rusal’s Christmas party, it wasn’t something Rogov had eaten there that did him in. Since then all trace of him (almost) has disappeared from the internet.

This wedding photograph shows Rogov (circled) as close to Deripaska as Yumasheva’s parents are to her. Their history started when Rogov and Deripaska were classmates at Secondary School No.2 in Ust-Labinsk, Krasnodar krai. They graduated in 1985. As Deripaska gained in fortune and accumulated assets, he concealed many by registering them in the names of those closest to him – blood relatives like his grandmother, trusted friends like Rogov.

Among those who waited for Rogov at the Rusal party in December, and were anxious when he failed to appear, one, according to Rogov, knew he wouldn’t be coming, and also why. That is the head of Deripaska’s security, former general Valeriy Pechenkin.

This is a call for those who knew Rogov, his state of mind before his death, the relationship he had with Deripaska up until the end, and the records he left behind. Contact this website anonymously, and you will be directed to a secure method for communication.

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