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By John Helmer, Moscow

The old Russian expression from sword-fighting days was “Scars adorn the man” (ШРАМЫ УКРАШАЮТ МУЖЧИНУ – lead image, top). But in the Russian pun (А ШМАРЫ УКРОЩАЮТ — lead image, bottom), do prostitutes “tame” the man? Appearances can be deceiving but not us.

Website attacks have intensified since the report last week of Igor Sechin’s Rosneft share transaction. Russian reporters attempting to cover the story by questioning the Swiss authorities about Glencore’s agreements, and Bank Intesa Saopaolo’s purported financing of the deal, say they have been ordered off the story by their managing editors. Italian and Swiss reporters will be publishing shortly. New York and Washington colleagues, Yves Smith and Alex Floum, have republished the story so that it can survive intact.

The info-warriors have left scars on the website’s reflexes and illustrations which will take time to remove. For the time being, they don’t obstruct the sense. You be the judge, and let us know.

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